William Simpson: More (current) evidence of ‘Let It Burn’ policy and smoke production by the U.S. Forest Service

Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret., Naturalist, Rancher has contributed the following to our blog:

In the USFS webpage above, it indicates that the East Fire in Trinity County, CA is now a ‘prescribed burn through wildfire’ as expressed by Commissioner Roberts:

“The East Fire was reported by Anthony Peak Lookout June 17 at 4 p.m. The lightning-caused fire is located approximately 43 miles west of Red Bluff, Calif. It is burning in the 2008 Yellow Fire within the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness. Fire managers have developed a confinement strategy for managing the fire. Under this strategy, officials have identified an area where the fire will be managed to reduce exposure to firefighters, remove hazardous fuels and decrease the probability for high severity wildfires in this area in the future. ”

It’s also evidence that the 2008 Yellow Fire area has ‘grassed-in’ again and is burning again! Are we learning anything about this?

Silver Fire, Biscuit Fire, Chetco Bar Fire… all re-burns of the virtually the same areas that have regenerated vegetative materials that have gone ungrazed by native large-bodied herbivores (deer/elk – or substitute herbivores, wild horses.

And this will continue continue because the grass and brush returns in abundance on the landscape because we have a SERIOUSLY DEPLETED HERBIVORY in western U.S. states…. the missing 2-million deer in CA were handling about 2.4-million tons of annual grass and brush…

Oregon has a depleted herbivory as well! SEE THE PLAN herein below… There is a cash positive solution!

The area of the East Fire is a remote wilderness area that is manifestly unsuited to livestock grazing or any other acceptable, non-polluting method to mitigate grass and brush fuels EXCEPT wild horses, which when redispositioned from USFS/BLM corrals is a Cash Positive move right out of the chute!

William Simpson: More (current) evidence of ‘Let It Burn’ policy and smoke production by the U.S. Forest Service