Rachel Lee Hall: Forests Under Stress

Rachel Lee Hall contributed the following to Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities. Check out her Forests Under Stress web site here

Forest Under Stress (FUS) contains research and observation gathered over forty years while living in Southern Oregon. All photos were taken in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest between 2017 and 2018.

Why, each year, are there record-breaking crown fires with complete loss of habitat? This question motivated me to complete this research and construct it in a way where it is understood by all who read it. The photo sequence with explanations of each photo below them shows visually and in writing the reasons for the fires. Even though science can be complicated, the photos tell the story. The remedy is expressed succinctly in the conclusion of the pamphlet.

I trust this pamphlet (available for download in PDF format here) might cause you to consider “why” the FUS is vital. Hopefully, something relevant to the remedy is applied, even if you do not agree with all that FUS presents, perhaps something will be understood better.

The current and past passive forest management, why it failed, and why it will only continues to fail if critical scientific application along with sustainable financial implementation are not applied, are my concerns and I hope yours, too.

Visit the Forest Under Stress web site for more photos and information.

Rachel Lee Hall: Forests Under Stress